mandag 14. mai 2012

Pinup Parade in Disneyland!

Yesterday we could finally go to the long-expected Pinup Parade in Disneyland! The lovely ladies behind Pinup Girl Clothing arranged a day in the park for their fans, and I had been looking forward to this for a very long time!

So, to set the mood for this post, I've added a youtube video. It's mostly for the music, so if you want, you can skip the start and go right to the song at 1:17! I've heard this song so many times times in my life, but I never realized that it's written for the Tiki room in Disneyland!

Micheline and co had prepared a nice program for the day. Karl and I was lazy as usual on a sunday morning, and didn't get there until the meetup at the castle at 2 pm. But that's ok. We got to experience a lot of fun with the PUG crew anyway! 
So, for the meetups Micheline read us questions about Disneyland, and we were supposed to answer. The ones who knew the answers got a nice PUG t-shirt. I didn't know a lot of the answers, but I learned a couple of new things: Cats are actually very welcome in Disneyland, because they chase away rodents and other unwanted creatures, and the most popular dessert dish in Disneyland is ice cream, curiously enough. I was convinced it was churros. Well, it does make sense, though, since it's pretty hot in SoCal!

tirsdag 1. mai 2012

Girl Weekend in Las Vegas!

I'm starting this blog post with a song, as I sometimes do. This time it's Calvin Harris, and guess why? Because we went to a Calvin Harris concert in Vegas last weekend! Sorry about my super-delayed blog post. Again. I suppose I'm just slow. Can't even blame my visitors (My mum and grandpa are here visiting from Norway right now). Anyways, press play on the video, and share some of our Vegas fun!


We drove out from LA early in Friday afternoon. - With the rest of LA, apparently! Anyways, we had a good time getting there. We were four girls going: Me, Margret (Magga), Marcela, and Magga's friend Kristveig who was visiting from Iceland. When we arrived in Las vegas, we changed and got ready, and headed over to Encore hotel and the nightclub Surrender. 

My pretty companions: Marcela, Kristveig and Magga!