tirsdag 1. mai 2012

Girl Weekend in Las Vegas!

I'm starting this blog post with a song, as I sometimes do. This time it's Calvin Harris, and guess why? Because we went to a Calvin Harris concert in Vegas last weekend! Sorry about my super-delayed blog post. Again. I suppose I'm just slow. Can't even blame my visitors (My mum and grandpa are here visiting from Norway right now). Anyways, press play on the video, and share some of our Vegas fun!


We drove out from LA early in Friday afternoon. - With the rest of LA, apparently! Anyways, we had a good time getting there. We were four girls going: Me, Margret (Magga), Marcela, and Magga's friend Kristveig who was visiting from Iceland. When we arrived in Las vegas, we changed and got ready, and headed over to Encore hotel and the nightclub Surrender. 

My pretty companions: Marcela, Kristveig and Magga! 

Here we have some excited girls waiting for Calvin Harris to get on the stage! 

And he came, and delivered a fantastic concert! The crowd went crazy, and I think everyone had a really good time! 

After a while, Marcela and I got a bit tired of the crowd and went to get some air back by the pool. 

Souvenirs! Yay! 

The day after we got up super-late, and missed the pool party we were supposed to go to. Well, more time for shopping and sightseeing, then! Here I and Magga are in front of the big balloon of the Paris hotel. Pretty neet! 

And the water show in front of Caesar's Palace was pretty sweet! 

After getting some dinner and some Margaritas, we got ready for yet another night out, and headed over to TAO at the Venetian, where Magga and Marcela had managed to get us on the guest list! Yay! Those girls have some skills! 

Later that night we actually managed to get a photo with all four of us in it too! Hooray! We had a great time!  

The girls got us on the guest list for another pool party at TAO Beach sunday morning. Here Magga and Kristveig are enjoying the sun. It might be little bit of an understatement to say that we weren't hung over. I was in such a zombie conditon on sunday morning that I even forgot to put my make up on. I sort of regretted that after seeing all the hot babes really dressed up for the pool party. Well, now I know how more about how to dress for such an occasion! 

Anyways, we got to chill in a pool with free drinks. Good times! 

More chillin' in the pool :)

After the pool party, Magga and Marcela had to study for a while, so I went sightseeing with Kristveig. We found this fun masquerade boutique at the Venetian. It wasn't really allowed to try the masks on, but we didn't see the signs before it was to late. Oops!

Inside the shopping mall at the Venetian! They've made a small version of Venice in there, with a small canal witn gondols and all! 

The people steering the boats were singing opera! 

The Venetian had a pretty spectacular hallway! 

Paradise of a shopaholic! Fashion for every wallet size! 

Lot's of temptations in there...

Of  course we had to try the slot machines! (And no, I'm not wearing make up...sort of regretting my zombie morning when I see this)

I had a great time in Las Vegas! I must say that Calvin Harris was the best thing of this weekend! Great concert, and lots of fun dancing at Surrender and TAO! And I love the temperature in the evening! We were actually able to walk around in a top and a skirt in the nice and hot air. 

Thanks for taking me to Vegas, girls! 

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  1. Sjeee på hu foran den enarma banditten da!

  2. Herrejemini så gøy du har det :-D

  3. Yay! Fun reading... Vegas is the best ;) I'm glad you got to experience it!