torsdag 26. januar 2012

Fulbright Luncheon

Well, I was supposed to publish this in December, but that didn't happen. So here it is, in January. In early December we were at a Fulbright luncheon in Ann Kerr's house in LA. She arranges all the social events for the Fulbright scholars in the SoCal-area. Her house is on a hilltop with the most perfect view I have ever seen (at least from a private house). Everybody were supposed to bring a Christmas food course from their home country. This result was so much delicious food that I ws full for the rest of the day! We brought "lussekatter" or "lucia cats/saffron buns". Silje, a Norwegian girl studying in San Diego, brought real Norwegian rice porridge, which was delicious! 

Of course there was free beer and whine . Here, Karl is enjoying a beer. Have you seen the cute mini-pool behind him, by the way? 

The luncheon was the last Fulbright event for our Icelandic friends Agla and Bergur. They moved home to Iceland just before Christmas, and we think it's really sad. Lucky for us, Reykjavik is just a couple of hours away, so hopefully we'll se them again soon when we are back in Norway. Karl hasn't even been to Iceland, so that's another reason to go there! One needs to have seen Iceland. I love the place! 

The view from Ann kerr's house is just wonderful!

We drove from Irvine with Annamaria and Daniel, who are such nice company. After the luncheon we went to UCLA and bought a coffee and studied some architecture. I liked it, though it got quite cold in the eveniong. UCLA is both nice and huge! unfortunately I didn't take any photos there, but maybe I'll do it later. Who knows? 

Au revoir everyone! 

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