søndag 29. januar 2012

Sunset Beach And Other Weekend Activities

This weekend has been really nice! We started out with a relaxing movie night on Friday, and saw among other things the first episode ot Sherlock. We both liked it a lot, so now we're hooked on that show too, I'm afraid. I don't suppose we'll ever run out of series to watch. Before watching Sherlock we finished the last episode of Downton Abbey. We can hardly wait for season 3 to come! We love it!

By the way, if you want to read this blog post in Norwegian, you can do that here

Saturday morning we went jogging and did a couple of strengthening exercises afterwards. And patted ourselves on the shoulder of course. Then we went to Sunset Beach. Some of you might remember Aaron Spelling's flop of a TV show bearing the same name? Ok, so this is where that series supposedly took place! It's a beautiful beach surrounded by nice houses. We enjoyed the sun and waited for the sunset. As California residents (read: tourists) we are of course "collecting" beaches.  They lie at the coast like pearls on a string! We want to see all of them.

Karl Yngve in front of the nice houses. I think we would have enjoyed living there, to be honest!

Me greeting the sun!

Lots of shells spread out on the beach. Pretty!

These little birds were going back and forth from the sea, being chased by the waves. As the wave went out again, the whole gang followed to pick for worms and stuff in the wet sand. They looked like they could do this all day long (and probably did too), and I think I could watch them for hours and hours. Cute little things. 

We did a small photo session with Karl as the photographer. There's been to few jumping pictures on the blog lately, and I'm sorry for that. There'll be more in the future, I promise! Karl is a decent photographer, by the way! Don't you agree? 



We enjoyed watching the wonderful sunset.

Ooh behave! ...or not. Can't be serious all the time, you know.

After hanging out on the beach, we drove to Westwood in LA. There we had some pizza before going to a party at our Icelandic friend Margrét's place. We know her through Agla and Bergur, and we really appreciated the invitation. The party was a hit! We met a lot of awesome people from almost every corner of the world. We spent the night there, since it's an hours drive home, and so we both could drink .Of course, I forgot to use my camera again. It was in my bag, but as usual I forgot about it. It's the third time in a row now that I've done this. Maybe I'll just leave the camera at home next time. 

Sunday started out in a great way, with breakfast with Margrét and her friend Marcela in a pretty neet café called Le Pain Quotidien in Westwood. We had a lovely breakfast with really good bread, eggs, yummy coffee and juice. Karl bought two breads to go, some chocolate and a (whole!) cookie to go. After that we turned our noses south in the direction of Irvine. it was nice to be home taking it easy too. We spent some time by the pool, and it was really nice. The temperature's gotten up to sunbathing levels again. Yay!

...and of course, it's totally okay to have jacuzzi access when having a hangover ;)

After hanging out at the pool, we went inside, and Karl found his (whole) cookie. He'd bought only the one, but it was quite....adult, if I can say that. Milk and cookie. 

We finished the weekend by watching The Girl Who Played With Fire, the second of the Swedish Stieg Larsson films. We felt like we needed to see the Swedish films, since the American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is on everybody's lips over here. Well. I can understand it, though. Daniel Craig is an awesome actor! 

So that's our weekend. How was yours? 

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