onsdag 7. desember 2011

The Seattle Adventures - Part Three!

On our third day in Seattle Greta, her husband Carl and their kids Jack and Van joined our group for sightseeing in Downtown Seattle. Our first stop was the (in)famous gumwall, a wall packed with colorful used gum. It is quite spectacular in it's own disgusting way.

We went to the Pike Market, or Public Marked. A lovely place with a colorful atmosphere. There were lots of shops by local designers and food shops of different kinds, mainly fish places.

Here is our little group. Back row from the left: Karl Yngve, Erik, Greta, Van and Cindy. Front row from the left side: Helene, Jack, Lars and Berit. A very nice group, who we loved spending time with!

A fruit shop with a good selection.

A talented musician playing outside of the original Starbuck's café. The line went way outside of the shop, so we didn't bother bouying coffee there! But cool to have seen it. A lot of things originated in Seattle, actually. We can mention Microsoft and Boeing, among others.

Carvings on a table at Starbuck's. (Not the original one, though!)

Inside Pike Market.

Lovely honey! Cindy bought us a jar of delicious honey as a gift. We loved it!

Lars and Jack are testing a handmade Kaleidoscope. Very fancy!

After spending some time at the market, we went down to the harbour. My ship is loaded with...a lot of containers!

Ye Olde Curiosity shop contained a lot of weird things. They had a real mummy, fleas dressed up in miniature bridal couture and a lot of other fun stuff! After that we went up towards chinatown.

On our way there, I found this lovely car, with the mark of the Star Wars Rebel Alliance!

We also found this pub, and beer! Skål!

...and trees dressed up with knitwear. I guess they were cold!

And where are we now? Where can it be? I don't know...can it be Chinatown?

Yes, definitely Chinatown! Carl took us to one of his favourite restaurants, Tai Tung. Carl actually speaks Mandarin, which is kinda cool! The food was extremely delicious, and I got to practise my skills with the chopsticks. I weren't as bad at it as I thought!

After eating a lot of delicious food, we said good bye to Erik, Cindy, Kjell and Berit, and joined Greta and co for a ferry ride over the sea to their home in Bremerton. They had such a lovely home in the middle of the woods (at least it felt like that, since there were lot's of trees around the house). When we got there, we got to taste a lot of delicious ice cream. Carl is in the milk business, so he had a lot of different and exotic flavours in his feezer! I think my favourite must be the strawberry sorbet with basillico in it. Or maybe the grilled coconut ice cream? they were all delicious! We stayed at Greta and Carl's for two nights. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos while we were there, but I can say that we had a good and relaxed time with Greta and her family. On Sunday we went to Costcow for the first time, and had a very good dinner in the evening. We also watched Terminator 2, and played with their two very pretty and cute cats named Juno and Morpheus. Ahh...lovely cats! I miss our own cat in Norway, Sinus. Sigh... Well, it was very good to hvae some cat time with these two furry little guys!

On monday Greta took us back to Seattle with the ferry. Here's a picture of us on the ferry with Seattle in the background.

We went to Erik and Cindy's house to pick up some of our stuff and stayed for a little chat with Cindy who works from home. Before driving us to the airport, Greta took us to a very nice sushi place, and Kjell joined us there.

Lots of delicious sushi flotating by...

This was Karl Yngve's second time eating sushi, and he had a much better experience of it this time. (I think he got sick the first time!) Haha! Karl Yngve wanted some dessert, so we went for a piece of cheesecake at the cheesecake Factory. I think I was full enough for the whole week after that!

So this was the last part of our Seattle adventure. We enjoyed our stay very much, especially thanks to all the lovely people we got to spend time with and get to know a little bit! Thank you so much for your hospitality and awesomeness, guys!

Karl and Helene :)

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