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Sightseeing in Seattle

Last friday, our adventures continued with a bit of sightseeing in Seattle. First stop was the Space Needle, which makes the Seattle skyline so unique. Just the sight of this tower makes me start humming the melody from the TV series "Frasier". The Space Needle was built for the 1962 World's Fair, and is 182 m high. 

It's a pretty impressive construction! It has a restaurant on top, where the guests sit on a gigantic rotating platform so that they can get a 360 degree view while eating delicious food! We had lunch up there. 

A mini Space Needle in the gift shop.

Lars is looking at Downtown Seattle.

Lars, Cindy and Erik in the restaurant on top of the Space Needle.

Downtown Seattle.

The harbour...or, well, parts of it.

The kids sent messages to one another which could be read as the platform rotated slowly past them. Neat!

Three really tall radio masts! They lit up at night, and one of them looked like a giant christmas tree!

Our next stop was the EMP museum, here seen from the Space Needle. The museum is supposed to be in the shape of a guitar...do you see it? I must admit that I don't.

...and here seen from the ground. Well, parts of it. The blue part, in case you didn't notice.

The EMP is pretty cool, as it's focus is on cool stuff like music and movies! They actually had a Battlestar Galactica exhibition! As we are HUGE fans of the TV-series, this was a lovely surprise! As you can see, Karl Yngve is quite happy about this. The EMP have two major music exhibitions, about Seattle's great sons Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. In addition they had an "Avatar"-exhibition right now, and one about horror films. They also had a cool sound-lab, where the kids could try different instruments and studio equipment.

Just a cool detail from the EMP café.

Fantastic sculpture! Dad, this must be your heaven!

Guitar details :)

Karl had an encounter with a cylon! They aren't really that bad, as it turns out (but we allready knew that, didn't we?).

Aaarh! The iconic Caprica Six dress, worn by actress Tricia Helfer in Battlestar Galactica! Awesome! They also had three spaceships used in the show, and a lot of other cool stuff.

A giant concert hall showing music videos and movie clips as people were casually passing by. - A relaxing atmosphere, at least I thought so.

One of the props used in the Avatar movie, Dr. Grace Augustine's journal.

We strolled further down into EMP's basement, and found someone we knew! Oh, well, his hands, at least! Edward Scissorhands' scissors where there. I love that movie!

And Guillermo Del Toro's creative idea journal was there too! Guillermo Del Toro is the maker of Pan's Labyrinth, another of my favourite movies! They had all sorts of awesomeness down in the basement of horror, including the axe from The Shining! Cool stuff!

When we were finished at the museum we went to a food court near by to get some dinner before The Nutcracker. As we ate our meals, we were entertained by these carol singers. I love their outfits. Something to think about for our quartet next cristmas, heh?

We've found our places in McCaw Hall. Isn't this curtain the coolest? The illustrations on the curtain and most of the props are by Maurice Sendak, a world famous author and illustrator of children's books. His best known book is Where The Wild Things Are. Ok, so they said photographing weren't allowed, but i sneaked in a few shots anyway.

The peacock's dance.

Dance of the flowers! Very pretty.

We met Erik and Cindy's daughter Berit after the show. Berit is a student at the PNB ballet, and danced in the show! So cool! The nutcracker was such a teriffic way to end this perfect day! We are so happy that Erik and Cindy took us to the ballet! 

Stay tuned for more Seattle adventures! There's more to come! 

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