fredag 2. desember 2011

Thanksgiving in Seattle

Here comes the tale of our adventures in Seattle, part one. We startet our Seattle adventure last wednesday by taking an Alaska Airlines plane from John Wayne airport up to Seattle. On our way we saw some gigantic mountains, as can be seen on the photo below. Spectacular scenery!

Erik picked us up when we arrived in Seattle. Erik is Signe Berits cousin (Signe Berit is Karl Yngve's mom). Erik's father, Einar, is originally from Godø outside of Ålesund, and moved to Seattle to study when he was young. We spent the night at Erik and his family's house. When we got up on thursday morning, Erik's wife, Cindy, made us a delicious breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, waffles and other good things! Yummy! After eating we got on our way to thanksgiving dinner at Einar and Betty's, and on the way we stoppet at the amazing Snoqualmie Falls. 

Snowqaulmie falls.

The falls were a little chilly!

And after visiting the falls, it was amzing to come into Einar and Betty's living room and sit by the lovely fireplace!

A beautiful dinner table.

Karl Yngve and Kjell (Eriks brother) discussing nerdy stuff.

The food came on the table, and it was amazingly delicious! We were served goodie's like turkey, sweet potato and a lot of other yoummy things. I hav never tasted sweet potatoes before, and they were really good! Very sweet, but good.

My dinner plate, slightly out of focus. We enoyed our evening with wonderful company and a lovely dessert consisting of pumpkin pie, blackberry pie and apple pie with whipped cream. I and Karl Yngve spent the night at Betty and Einar's house.

On friday morning we woke up to sunshine, totally oposit of the weather forecast. Betty made us a delicious American breakfast, with fried eggs, bacon and toast. After breakfast we were picked up by Erik and his son Lars who took us to the city for some sightseeing. Kjell also joined us for the day. In the City we met Cindy, who had delivered her and Erik's daughter Berit for a dress rehersal for The Nutckracker, which had it's premiere friday evening.

Stay tuned for the next chapter og the Seattle adventures! 

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