mandag 20. februar 2012

California Screamin'!

Saturday we took Toril og Julie to Six Flags, north of LA. It's a gigantic park full of awesome rollercoasters. And Ole, you're gonna have so much fuuun! Norwegian version here.

Ahh...the sound of screams...

We met some friends!

We had some Ben & Jerry's. In the background we can see Superman. Unfortunately it was closed for the day, due to the making of a new attraction: "Lex Luthor - Drop of Doom". It's supposed to be finished this summer. Too bad it was closed, because it's on my top 3 list! 

We met even more friends! Aquaman og Wonder Woman suddenly appeared!

There's also a lot of waiting in Siox Flags, so one has to bring one's patience.

"The Viper" in action! It is awesome! 

"Goliath" from underneath!

Waiting for the best ride in the park in my opinion: "Apocalypto"... It's absolutely worth waiting for!

"Goliath" seen from the line! Julie and I took this one right before closing time, and it was fantastic!

Tired, but happy riders. The new family member, raccoon Pål Elias was won by Toril in a guessing booth. 

More about Toril and Julie's California Adventures later! Yesterday we went to Sea World in San Diego and saw killer whales and dolphins among other things! See you! 

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