torsdag 16. februar 2012

Cousins in California!

This blog post was originally in Norwegian, but as this is our international blog, I've translated it for our English speaking friends! However, if you still want to read it in Norwegian, that is still possible! Just press this link

Yesterday, AKA, Wednesday, I went to LAX to pick up Toril and Julie, my two little cousins from Norway!  Yay! Well, the are not that small, they are both taller than me.They are staying for ten days, and we have planned lots of Hollywood- related things to do! It's going to be fun. One of the first things we did when we came back to the house, was going to the store and buying real American food, and made ourselves a nice kveldsmat/supper. 

Toril got Lucky Charms and Nutella, and is in this picture extremely happy with life. She told us that eating Lucky Charms is a life long dream coming true. Well, then, good for her! 

Looks nutricious and appetizing, don't you think? 

The girls were in good shape after their flight, and happy to having arrived! 

Toril tilted. Literally!  

Well, I got them in bed after a while. Hehe. They liked the sleeping couch very much, so that's promising for uor next six batches of visitors!

Today we started out with a lovely breakfast with coffee and cocoa and other good things. Karl Yngve ate with us before he went to work as well. After breakfast we girls had a little planning session. We are going to Six Flags on Saturday, Sea World in San Diego on Sunday and Disneyland on Tuesday or Wednesday. And of course we have to visit the Hollywood walk of fame, the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, and Santa Monica and Venice Beach, and of course Little Tokyo, a Japanese part of LA. Toril is obsessed with everything Japanese, Korean or Asian in general, so Little Tokyo is a must see! I can also mention that I'm being taught about Korean pop music at the present time, and that I now know that Korean boy bands can have as much as 15 members, and at least one of them must be blond at all times. I learn something new every day!  

After our planning, Julie took me out running. Great! I have a personal trainer! I'm going to be so fit when they leave! After our run we went to IKEA because we needed some covers for our beds. We got some really cheap ones, and continued our journey to Irvine Spectrum, a huge shopping center. 

Toril wanted to find a Hot Topic store, and we found one in Irvine Spectrum. In this picture we see a wall full of colourful corsets. Well, this picture probably isn't representative for the rest of the store,. It's not a lingerie shop, they have a lot of other cool stuff, such as music t-shirts, funny gadgets and accessories! Toril was in Heaven, and Julie found some nice things too! 

The girls posing with their bags. Toril's bag is slightly bigger than Julie's. Have you seen the awesome horse carousel, by the way? Every mall should have one of those! 

Horses and Siberian tigers side by side!

In the Spectrum it looked like Christmas. Well, the palms had some pretty Christmas lights on anyway. 

We bought ourselves some frozen yoghurt. Yummy! And, yes, Irvine Spectrum has a Ferris Wheel too! Every mall should have one of those as well In my opinion! I'm looking forward to the day  when City Syd in Trondheim are getting one! Wee! 

Mmmmmh! Frozen yoghurt is tasty! 

Oh, yes. I was there too! I had to teach these girsl some table manners, you know! I got myself a lovely pair of pink shoes with a bow on them while we were at the Spectrum. Happiness! I'll post a photo of them later, if you like it or not! Mohaha! Yeah.

Follow the next adventure with the Hesselbergs, as we are entering the beach tomorrow! 

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  1. Mmmnice! Søte kusiner og søster! Fortsett å dokumentere deres opplevelser. Kosert fra Heidi

  2. Stemmer i med Heidi her, både når det gjelder søthet og dokumentasjon. Er spent på hvilket korsjett Toril kjøpte. :) Astrid S

  3. Jeg stemmer i med Astrid S som stemmer i med Heidi. Kanskje noen som vil stemme i med meg som stemmer i med Astrid S som stemmer i med Heidi?

  4. Kan man ha dobbelstemme?

  5. Jeg kan stemme i. Pariserhjul? pøh, City Syd hadde jo TØFFINGEN!

    ps, meld deg på kjolegiveawayen min da? ;-)

  6. Hahaha, Ingrid! Tøffingen er jo en legende! Jeg skal selvsagt melde meg på giveaway! Skal se om jeg rekker det før stranda i dag. Det blir i alle fall i løpet av dagen her :-)

    Og Mamma: Har du klart å publisere en kommentar på bloggen?!? Helt selv? Da må du ringe til Signe Berit og fortelle henne hvordan du gjør det! Hehe.

  7. Helt selv. Nå skal jeg bevise at det ikke bare var et blaff.

  8. Turforslag, om dere har tid:

    (Las Vegas, om ikke linken funker. Knapt fire timer å kjøre.)