tirsdag 21. februar 2012

Sea World and Stuff

So we've reached Tuesday in Toril and Julie's winter break in California. We've done a couple of fun things since the last post, but yesterday we had a resting day, and today we're going shopping before three days of hardcore sightseeing starting tomorrow with Disneyland!

Norwegian version here.

Sunday the four of us went to Sea World in San Diego. I loved it, and I think our guests liked it too! I have never seen killer whales before, and it is amazing what they can make the animals do! There were also a lot of awesome animals! You can get in the right and fishy mood by pressing this link:

I made a friend the minute we entered the park!! I have a thing for creatures lurking in the surface. This is a four eyed fish, apparently.

Fish in the colours of the rainbow!

There where super cute penguns! Yay!

You could even help feeding the sea lions!

What  you lookin' at!?!

Karl and the girls getting ready for the Killer whale show! "Shamu". 

Killer whales are super cute! Loove them!

Free WIlly!

Mom, I know what I want for my birthday!

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Toril was scared alllmost to death in the shark tube!

So long!

(And thanks for all the fish...!) 

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  1. Haha, ÆLSKE "Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"-referansen. :-D

    Dritbra bilda - spesielt d me Toril og haien!

  2. Somebody should tag that last picture -- which is the shark, and which is Toril?

    - Unca P (the evil one)