mandag 27. februar 2012

Toril and Julie in Disneyland!

Yes, I am way behind schedule with my blogging here, but we have been busy doing cool stuff, so I haven't quite had the time to write. On Wednesday we went to Disneyland. I had chacked in advance what day which days that had firework shows, and the website said that every day this week, the park would be open between 8 am and 12 pm and that there would be fireworks every day! But when we arrived in the park it was only open until ten pm, and there were no fireworks! Oh, agony! Well, the girls where brave and said it was ok, and we had a lovely day anyway!

Norwegian version here! 

The obvious first thing to do: Pose in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle! In T&J-style, of course!

Toril is enjoying the tea party!

Julie too!

No, we're not related, if that's what you think...

One of the first rides of the day, the incredible Space Mountain! It seems like Mrs. Rendal has been there before...

There was also time to try on a diversity of hats and other things!

Curly ginger! I think Toril should get a perm and dye her hair red! Lovely!

Julie got herself a nice pair of Minnie-ears and Toril got a nice hat with bunny ears on it!

And then we got lost in the forest, and started to feel very small. Can't imagine why.

Luckily, we met a familiar face! Tinker Bell guided us out of the tall grass! Phew! (I gotta admit it was kind of akward standing in line to meet Tinker Bell alongside four-year-olds and their mums... But then again, we are probably four years old mantally anyway!)

We met this beautiful couple who actually got married in the park! Aaw!

We ended up in Mickey's neighbourhood! The girls got to borrow Donald's car, 'cause you can't walk in California. Nice of him to do that!

"They see me rollin', they hatin'..."

Julies new Minnie ears!

Miss Refseth is waiting for the parade to come by! At leas we got to see the parade, even though we didn't get to see the fireworks! That's gotta be worth something! The next time I'm taking people to Disneyland, I'll triple check the schedule! Arrgh!

Mickey's Soundsational Parade passed us. Super fun!

Princess Tiana was there!

...and Tinker Bell had gone from the woods and into the parade! She waved at us (and nobody else :-P) and we're pretty sure we're special to her!

The night continued with the pretty horse carousel. I was busy eating a turkey leg at the time, so I didn't join them for this ride. But someday I will!

They also found king Arthur's stone, but none of them managed to pull it out!

We got hungry after a while. Some are not at all turning thirty in two years, and started playing with her food. Ooh behave! Or not.

We finished the day in Disneyland with a second round in Space Mountain. This time the girls knew what to do. I'm proud!

I think T & J had a nice day in Disneyland, in spite of the missing fireworks! I enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun! Here's us after we got home. Of course we had to pose with our fresh ears and hats!

Next blog post is coming soon: LA, Hollywood and Santa Monica! 

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