lørdag 18. februar 2012

Day 2 - Balboa

Hi everyone! I'm just setting the mood for this blog post with Katy Perry's California Gurls. You can choose if you want to watch the video or if you just wanna use it as background music while reading. The reason for me posting it is that we heard it on the radio while driving yesterday, and it's been stuck on my mind ever since.

So yesterday we went to Newport Beach. First stop was the Balboa Fun Zone where we tested the Ferris wheel. You can read about a previous trip to the Balboa Ferris wheel here. And a Norwegian version of this post can be found here

On their way around the wheel.

Julie and Toril liked it a lot! 

And I got to photograph my new pink shoes! Yay! 

After that we chilled out at the beach near Balboa Pier. Here, Toril has settled down with Eragon. Dragons and stuff. I like it! 

Julie and Toril are going for it! 

And after some dwelling in the shallow waters, they actually got into the water! I'm impressed! Because it is February after all, even if we are in California!

Such a pretty day! And while we were chillin' at the beach we saw a couple of dolphins cruising by. So cool!

Julie is always moving in one way or another, and this day was no exception. Quite the acrobat, this young lady!

Who's been here?

The acrobatics continued! And of course, I couldn't resist being in a couple of the jumping photos!

Back home, there's no sofa anymore, since the girls are using it as their bed. So, in lack of a sofa, Carl hopped in. Here, Toril is showing off some of her awesome new clothes.

And we have cake pops and coffee from Starbuck's. Mmh. Well, I have to admit I bought the pops because they were pretty. I have a tendency to do that. But they didn't taste bad either, so that's a plus!

Today we've been to Six Flags for our annual adrenaline dose. We had loads of fun! More about that later. We are going to bed now, exhausted after a day of roller coaster rides! Nighty-night! :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. For en hærlig gjeng. :-)
    Stilig badedrakt Helene. Kjøpt på PinUpGirlClothing?

  2. Jeg følger hesblesende med - og har begynt å øve på hopping. Kan jo ikke ødelegge disse flotte obligatoriske hoppebildene. Jeg regner med jeg må til pers når jeg inntar California :-)
    Kos dere videre!

  3. Hehe, så artig at du likte badedrakten, Astrid. Den er fra siden unique-vintage.com. Men den likner på en av draktene til Pinupgirl Clothing, ja :)

    Hehe! Spørs om Bestefar må hoppe for deg, mamma! Er vel ikke sikkert han er så hoppbar heller, når jeg tenker på det. Hehe. Vi får dra på vingårder og sånn vi da, vet du ;)

    Dette er Helene på KY's profil, forresten. Skal hilse fra KY :)