mandag 14. november 2011

Day Trip To San Diego, part 2

After leaving the Salk Institute, we drove on to La Jolla, a part of San Diego. Annamaria had gotten a recomendation for a lovely fish place, El Pescador Fish Market, from a friend. It was absolutely worth the visit! I ordered myself a salmon burger, which was really tasty!


After eating we went for a stroll in the area and saw a lot of nice little boutiques and shops. Among them was this nice looking dance academy. Ooh La La!

We drove on, and Downtown in San Diego kept getting closer.

We made a stop in the charming part of the city called "LIttle Italy". We even had a real Italian among us, so this felt like the right place to be!

It looked rather italian too!

Some famous italian-american on a poster in Little Italy.

We found a nice coffee shop, and Karl Yngve got himself some ice cream!

Here we actually got our coffee served in real cups instead of the usual paper cups. Everywhere else I've been, they serve their french roasts and special blends in paper cups. I must say, it doesn't taste the same at all! Paper cups ruins good coffee!

Annamaria is treating us with delicatesses from her home country.

Ve strolled through Little Italy after having coffee, and saw this. Pimp my beetle, anyone? That is one mean beetle, I say!

After hanging out in Little Italy we drove through San Diego to have a look at the city. Impressive skyskrapers!

The sun was setting when we drove back up to UCSD. Lovely!

When we arrived at USCD, a delicious dinner was waiting for us. For dessert we had mango sorbet with strawberries. Yummy! We were quite full when we got home, since we had been eating practically the whole day! Well, maybe we have learned until next time? Who knows.

There where very nice people at the Fullbright meeting too. We were no less than seven Norwegians there, which is a first. The guys in this picture seems to be having a good time. From the left: Karl Yngve, Brigit from Germany, Silje from Norway and Pierre from France.

The conclusion must be that this was a marvellous day, and that we must visit San Diego again!

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