onsdag 16. november 2011

Six Flags

Last friday we visited Six Flags Magic Mountain, a park full of amazing Rollercoasters! We went there with Daniel, Agla, Bergur, and two of Bergurs friends visiting from Iceland, Petur and Robert. Sorry I haven't published these before, but it's due to the fact that the photos are taken with my iPhone (which sucks) and not my lovely camera, which was stranded in the car due to a flat battery... So, I'm not especially proud of these photos, but what the hell.. Anything to please the crowd back home! And I promise to charge my camera battery before we go there next time!

Ahh...such a promising sight! 

We've finally entered the park, after being stopped by the police (at least some of us)! Haha! Here you can see Karl, Daniel and Agla discussing strategies for the day. 

One of the first things we wanted to try was "Apocalypse". Unfortunately it was closed at the moment, and Karl was very sad about this, as you can see. Luckily for us, it opened again later that day, and I must say it's the funniest thing I tried at Six Flags. The speed was breathtaking! And I like the old roller coasters made of wood, like this one.  

Here, the guys are looking at the attraction "Superman - Escape from Crypton". This ride was super cool, and one of my favourites! This one is a must if you ever go to Six Flags! 

Here we see some nervous guys getting ready for their ride on "Goliath", the roller coaster that is actually designed to make you black out. Haha! Definitely the craziest ride in the park! 

So all in all we had an amazing day at Six Flags! Me and Karl were quite exhausted after the day, but Agla, our adrenaline-seeking adventure park expert, was in good shape. I think we'll have to practise a lot more. And since we bought annual passes to Six flags too (as well as Disneyland), we will probably be quite experienced in roller coaster rides when we return home next july! 

Thanks for the trip, people! 

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  1. Yay so much fun ;) I kinda have to go one more time before I go to Iceland in a month... gosh I love my LA life!