onsdag 16. november 2011

Autumn in Irvine

The hobby photographer, AKA Helene, have been out playing with the camera in the autumn sun. The colours in Irvine are beautiful at the moment, and they will be even prettier when the oranges (picture nr 2) ripe. Enjoy the photos, and please feel free to give me some comments on how I could have made the photos even better. I have finally managed to find out how to alter shutter speed, shutter opening and ISO on my Nikon D3100. And of course, I have finally found the manual focus on my lense! -Yay! I'm a beginner, and I would love to hear your opinions!

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...and please feel free to ignore the self portraits of the mentally challenged photographer in here. Well, at least I have a autumn coloured shirt! And, of course, the photo in the bottom is to show off the fact that I can were shorts in the middle of november! 

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