lørdag 12. november 2011

Day Trip To San Diego - Salk Institute

This wednesday we went to San Diego for a Fullbright dinner. The dinner wasn't until the evening, but we wanted to make a trip for the whole day. We had some excellent company too. Daniel and Annamaria were with us the whole day, which started at Annamarias place in Laguna Beach with coffee and breakfast. Annamarias appartment is really close to the beach and has an ocean view. A wonderful way to start the day! 

Then we hit the road. 

The first thing we wanted to see was Salk Institute, a research facility placed on top of a cliff. Here, Annamaria and the guys have just arrived!

The trail to the edge of the cliff was a bit challenging.

But we made it!

Me enjoying the view!

And a spectacular view it was! Look how tiny the sunbather and the parasol are! But don't look too closely, as I discovered when I zoomed into the picture: The guy is actually naked! Haha! Well, you can't really see anything, well, essential...so I guess this is innocent enough ;)

Daniel is on top of the world!

The newlyweds posing for photographer Daniel. I wonder how long we can call ourselves "newlyweds". Is it a year or something? I have no idea.

Lovely cliffs! We were standing over there a minute ago.

Going down to the beach is an expedition in itself. Especially for these guys who are also carrying surf boards. This must be such a good exercise: First going down the path, then surfing for a couple of hours, and finally climbing up again.  I would be quite exhausted afterwards, I guess! 

Helene gets fascinated with cracks in the ground...

In the Salk Institute. Posing over the little "river".

A magnificent place! The Salk institute was established by Dr. Jonas Salk, the developer of the polio vaccine. it's purpose is mainly for biological research, and their slogan says it all, I guess: "Where cures begin": If you want to read more about the Salk institute, you can go here

King Daniel on his throne!

I also have pictures from San Diego and the Fullbright dinner, but I'll post them later. The Salk institute was awesome, and I highly recommend going there if you are in the neighborhood! 

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  1. Ah, ser du har jobba litt under sola. Er ikke det deilig med litt farge på huden? Føler meg som en kartong med skummamelk gjennom vinteren i Norge, rent trist dette :p

  2. Håh! Nå ble jeg litt stolt! Ja, tro det eller ei, det er farge! Wo-hoo! Mange harde arbeidstimer ved bassenget der, altså.