tirsdag 27. september 2011

Crystal Cove

We've spent some time with Elizabeth and her two youngest kids lately, and this saturday they took us to Crystal Cove, one of the beautiful beaches in Orange County! We went there in the morning, around ten o'clock, which usually means that the sun is covered by the morning mist, as you can see from the pictures. The sun usually pops out at noon, but it varies. Today it was sunny around nine thirty.  

Ahh...a loveley sight!

Karl Yngve is having a good time.

Me too.

The birds are having a feast!

"What you lookin' at?"

As it turned out, there was enough for everyone! Dead squids were scattered all over the beach! The smell was rather, well...fishy, and Elizabeth was a little bit dissappointed about this occurring the same day as her showing us the beach. Well, this was also a kind of experience,  I most certainly don't see this every day! Anyway, the beach is just a ten minutes away by car, so we can come back some other time, when the squids are gone!

One of the life guards told us that this is a part  of the squid's life cycle. The actually die after mating! Anyways, the life guard was not too happy about his tower standing in a small breeze bringing the odor of rotting squids in his direction! Just another day at the job, I guess!
The kids had a great time anyway, and had fun playing with hermit crabs and anemones.I bet they could stand there the whole day if they could!

Hermit crabs.

 Hillary and Karl playing. "Spin me one more time, Karl!"

There were also a couple of painters here this saturday morning. Looks nice to paint out here.

Hillary took my portrait.

It came from the sea!

Stay tuned for another adventure! I just came home from camping with Elizabeth, Hillary and little Mark, so that will probably be my next blog post!

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