søndag 25. september 2011

The Wedding - Goin' To The Chapel

We were wed in Havstein Church in Trondheim. Thanks to our wonderful photographers and friends, Astrid Riddervold, Silje Marie Nørsett and Emil Stenersen Espe for capturing so many special moments!  

Havstein an early August morning.

The waiting groom.

White roses in the aisle.

The choir are getting ready. 

Helene's sister Heidi enters the church.

The gentlemen arriving. Behind them are ringbearer Sivert and the brides maid of honor Ingrid.

The groom has found his place.

Here comes the bride! 

The paparazzi are many today!

Heidi and Lars Eivind reading.


Smooch! Check out the priest's expression!

Oops! lipstick on the groom! Can't have that.

Exchanging of the rings.

The loveley Havstein Church!

So now we're man and wife for real!

Happy people!

I credited the photographers in the start here, but if anyone wants to know who took the different shots, just ask in the commentary field or by e-mail!

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3 kommentarer:

  1. GAAAWHD! *grinorama* Her var det faktisk bilder jeg ikke hadde sett før. Utrolig stilig det bildet hvor KY står og venter!

  2. Ja, I know! D e dritfint! Elmil som har tatt det :)