onsdag 28. september 2011

The wedding - Part three

Married, at last!

Hugs and congratulations!

A happy bride!

Handsome groom!

The best maid og honor in the world!

...with a pretty flower in her hair!

First kiss as man and wife. Well...almost!

Gotta do it right!

The happy couple with parents.

...and mid og honor and best man! Well, you can't expect people to behave all day, eh?

Gorgeous flowers!

...and shoes!

 Gotta love the balloons! I know I did!

The bridal party enters the bridal Amazon...

And we're off with daddy watching us leave.

Bye bye!

Thanks to our wonderful photographers Astrid Riddervold, Silje Marie Nørsett, Hilde Hesselberg and Kyrre Hegge Fjeldaas!

Now, a qustion for our readers: Do you prefer the english or the norwegian version of the blog? 

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  1. Vilken UNDERBAR brudklänning!!! Om jag gifter mej en dag vill jag ha på mej nåt liknande :) Smal midja och stor kjol med "tea length". Min vän Fanny hade en liknande modell - fast ändå annorlunda klänning - när hon gifte sej i somras. Den finns på bild här: http://missmeadowsvintagepearls.blogspot.com/2011/06/midsummer-wedding.html