lørdag 24. september 2011

The wedding - part one

I got up really early on our wedding day, to pick up my girls so we could go and get pretty...or less looking like zombies. Cause I'm sure I looked like one at that time. Me, my maid of honor Ingrid, my sister Heidi and our clever photographer Astrid startet the day at Rock Hairstyle. Fabulous hairdresser Linn started working with my hair first. 

So here I am, ready to get startet with my make up. Looking a bit tired, still, but a little more awake at this point. 

Linn working on Ingrid's hair.

Heidi brought her cute make up suitcase. 

The girls are getting ready.

Heidi is concentrating...

I am concentrating even more!

 Syncronized concentration!

The wedding dress gets on. Both Ingrid and Astrid had to help me get it on, as it was sewed in a little too much after my taste. I couldn't breathe for like an hour after putting it on. 

 But who cares? What's oxygen compared to looking pretty? I adore this dress!

 Now, where are those earrings? 

Linn attaches the veil. 

Final step in the "looking-less-like-a-zombie" process: Boob test. 

 Ok, not a boob in sight. At least not outside the dress. I can start smiling now!

Heidi has gotten into her beautiful pink to purple dress, and is ready to go!

 Gotta have those flowers! 

Ready and waiting for my ride!

We went to church in my dad's gorgeous 1964 Volvo Amazon.  The girls had it decorated with purple flowers and Norwegian flags. 

The bride has entered the bridal Amazon!

Me and the gorgeous Ingrid on our way to the church! I love this photo!

Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of the four of us together before leaving, but I have some photos of our pretty photographer taken later that day, so stay tuned! 

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