onsdag 19. oktober 2011

The Wedding - The Purple Venue

Our wedding venue was decorated with help from good friends and family! Balloons and triangle banners created an instant party athmosphere, and I get really happy just by looking at these photos!

I made the triangle banners myself on my sewing machine. I love doing theese kind of things. I  really miss my sewing machine now that I'm here in California. I think I will have to find a cheap one to sew on here!

Incredibly gorgeous name tags created by super-talented maid of honour Ingrid! Inside there were poems and quotes of love!

Vases from Kremmerhuset and flowers from Walldén Moum at Trondheim Torg. They actually got me exactly the flowers and colours I wanted! I have heard so many horror stories about flower sellers ordering the wrong colours, without telling the bridal party before the wedding day, so I was a bit nervous about that!

This exquisite artpiece of a window was actually made by the manager of the venue. Some carpenter skills he's got there! Spectacular!

The bride has arrived with her balloons, and is having an awesome time!

Beautiful flowers from Ålesund.

These decorations were alredy at the venue before our arrival. As they actually had the right colour, we let them stand there for the party!

The guest book/protocol. Purple of course!

The photos in this post are by Astrid RiddervoldSilje Marie Nørsett, Emil Stenersen Espe and Janina Lamøy. Thank you so much for taking all these wonderful photos of the venue so that we can remember this incredible place as it was that day! And again, if you want to know which photos were taken by whom, please let me know!

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